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About us

YIWIN, launched in the Spring of 2008, is one of the leading suppliers for  environmental monitoring equipments in China. Our products and services cover the marine environment, the water environment,and the atmospheric environment.
YIWIN have established three branch offices in Beijing for North of China,  Wuhan for Middle and West of China and Guangzhou for South of China.  Our headquarter locates in Shanghai .
YIWIN have developed the partnerships with several research organizations and government agencies in China , such as CERN, CFERN, SOA, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment Protection, Ministry of Water resources and Water Affairs Groups of national and provincial levels. We often organize workshops cooperated with these organizations to promote technologies and instrumentation. 
YIWIN have attended many academic conferences and exhibitions in related scientific research fields. These conferences and exhibitions not only provided the customers a good chance to familiar with YIWIN and YIWIN products. In many conferences, technicians of YIWIN also introduced the latest technology and research results by presentations or by posters. These conferences and exhibitions have become a good communication platform between the customers and YIWIN.
YIWIN devote themselves to introducing best instruments into China, and providing best local service as well. We look forward to working with all relevant circles.